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Asset Building and State Policy Blogs We Like


For this blog post, we decided to do something a little different in response to a reader request that we highlight some asset building and state policy blogs that we like.


Before we jump into talking about blogs, we wanted to highlight another weekday resource we read daily -- CFED’s news clips -- which provide top articles from around the country on a daily basis related to asset building, economic opportunity, and higher education issues. You can find CFED’s daily news clips here http://blogs.cfed.org/cfed_news_clips/ or also on the RAISE Texas homepage under the “In the News” section www.raisetexas.org.


Blogs We Like


The Ladder, New America Foundation’s Asset Building Program



New America’s Asset Building Program is a leading national voice on public policies that promote asset building both domestically and internationally; the program’s work is focused on federal and international asset building policy research and development. The Ladder covers topics related to federal asset building policy and highlights innovative asset building programs and research.


Inclusive Economy Blog, CFED



CFED is one of the primary national organizations focused on asset building and expanding economic opportunity for low-income families. CFED promotes state and federal asset building policy, supports community practice and innovation, and also publishes the Assets and Opportunity Scorecard, which includes numerous statewide indicators that gauge the financial stability and economic mobility of state residents. CFED’s blog provides updates on CFED’s work, highlights innovative asset building programs and research, and regularly highlights top posts on asset building from the blogosphere.


The Shriver Brief, The Shriver Center



The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty, located in Chicago, works on policies and programs to achieve social and economic justice for low-income people and communities. The Shriver Center, a core member of the Illinois Asset Building Group, is somewhat unique in that it works on both Illinois state policy and federal policy. While some of their blog topics are specific to Illinois, a lot of their posts are about asset building generally.


America Saves Blog



America Saves is a national public awareness campaign that encourages individuals and families to save money and build personal wealth. The campaign encourages individuals to sign-up as savers on the America Saves website and connects savers with savings information and products. OpportunityTexas leads the Texas Saves campaign as America Saves’ state partner. We’ll be sending out an announcement soon about our new Texas Saves webpage, which will be going live in the next few weeks! America Saves blog is geared towards individual savers, providing savings tips and resources and posts from savers.


Midday Brief Blog, Texas Tribune



To follow Texas state policy and news more generally, we like the Texas Tribune’s Midday Brief, which provides a summary of top Texas headlines on a daily basis.


We want our blog posts to be useful and relevant to our readers.  If you have suggestions for our blog or a particular blog topic, please let us know.  We are also looking for guest bloggers - please let us know if you are interested by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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